Teac Z-7000, Master Cassette Deck dragon slayer conversion

TEAC Z-7000 Master Cassette Deck – Dragon Slayer

TEAC Z7000 Dragon Slayer Conversion

New Pitch control with push down lock 10K center detent. Alps

New Headphone pot with push down lock. Alps

New IEC power inlet connector with ground.

ALL 4558 and 4560 IC’s replaced by Burr Brown OPA2227PA 8 Mhz, 45mA per channel, no shutdown.

Add 0.1 uf 50V poly caps between pins 8 and 4 of each of the IC’s replaced.

All 80 electrolytic capacitors replaced with Nichicon low impedance type 105 deg. Non Polar. Polar and Power Supply.

Align to IEC standard test tapes.

Create an alignment tape with the Nakamichi for alignment and comparison purposes and touch up where necessary.

Calibrate to customer’s blank tapes and calibrate the auto-cal.

Complete job start to finish $1500

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